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I Dream of the Caribbean | 2021 
List Art Center, Providence, RI 

I Dream of the Caribbean provides a lens into my experience as an Afro-Caribbean woman whose roots lie in Puerto Rico. The works in the show emphasize several signature aspects of the island such as the food—quenepas, tostones, and florecitas—the lush rainforest, and the overall beauty of the island. While these are some of the trademarks of Puerto Rico, there are deeper narratives that relate to its past, present, and future. 


Much of my work deals with Afro-Latinidad, which is the collective identity of Latinx people with African heritage. Afro-Latinidad is a rich cultural and historical idea, but it is also heavily discriminated against both within and outside of the Latinx community. Puerto Ricans are a vibrant mixture of Spanish, African, and Indigenous Taíno backgrounds, and my work seeks to embrace these connections rather than deny them. 


My hope is to show others from my background that they are seen, especially in the world of “Fine Art” where so many voices have been excluded throughout history. This exhibition serves as a reclamation of space, but I also find myself content in creating a new space altogether. In my dream of the Caribbean, it is art like mine that graces gallery walls, and it is people like me who get to view it.

Video best with sound.

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