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Selected solo shows

Final Lifted Poster.jpg



Senior Capstone Exhibition

Lifted is a space where joy becomes a tool for healing. By entering the exhibition, viewers are able to see, feel, and hear the fusion of African-American and Puerto Rican roots... see more



Blueprints is about Black culture and traditions and how these sacred practices inform Black futures and imaginations. The title Blueprints alludes to Black peoples’ influence on global culture and, specifically, their role in building this country... see more

FINAL Jazzmin Blueprints Poster_edited.jpg
I Dream of the Caribbean 1.jpg
I Dream of the Caribbean 1.jpg

I Dream of the Caribbean


I Dream of the Caribbean provides a lens into my experience as an Afro-Caribbean woman whose roots lie in Puerto Rico. The works in the show emphasize several signature aspects of the island such as the food—quenepas, tostones, and florecitas—the lush rainforest, and the overall beauty of the island... see more

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