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  • Jazzmin Imani

A Geechee Griot (Vol. 8)

Jazzmin Imani

30" x 80"

Scratchboard, Acrylic Paint, and Cardboard

The Geechee people are direct descendants of enslaved West African people who have found many ways to stay connected to their African heritage and their ancestors. However, they’re being bought out of their land to make way for resorts such as Hilton Head Island. My goal was to make this story known. A griot (gree-oh) is the West African name for an oral historian or storyteller. The “Vol. 8” refers to the fact that we are currently 8 generations removed from slavery, as well as the graphic novel inspiration for this piece. While the page on the left depicts the sense of community and joy amongst the Geechee people, the page on the right shows the depersonalization that has overtaken the island, hence why all of the faces of the people are covered. The purpose of this piece is not to shame those that enjoy resorts such as Hilton Head. However, it is a reminder to be mindful of the history of these locations and to consider how important it is to keep rich cultures alive.

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