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My name is Jazzmin Imani...

And I am a Fine Artist, Author, and Illustrator. I split my time between Brooklyn, NY and Providence, RI. Currently, I am pursuing a B.A. in Visual Arts and Psychology at Brown University. 


My artwork centers women of the African and Latinx diasporas. As an Afro-Latina woman myself, I want to celebrate our bodies without the betrayal, appropriation, and violence that I and other women have experienced. To accomplish this, I often combine Eurocentric ideals of beauty with Black figures and symbols to create tension between the histories that we are taught and the realities of the Fine Art world today.


Each piece focuses on a specific theme or intersection of identities such as the forced maturation of young Black girls, performative allyship, Black motherhood, and others. I hope to turn buzzwords into tangible depictions of these experiences, creating relatability for Black viewers and educational opportunities for non-Black viewers. If I led someone to think or see differently due to my materials, subject matter, and choice of theme, then I did my job as an artist. 

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